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Did You Know Giving Your Baby Tylenol Increases Their Risk of Developing Asthma?

I know what it feels like to have a newborn baby placed in your arms and feel the kind of love you have never felt before while simultaneously feeling like the weight of the world has been placed on your shoulders as you are now entrusted with this tiny human's care.  

We are in the age of information that can make the simplest thing like choosing the best diaper for your baby seem like the most daunting task.  You have decided you want to raise your baby with a more holistic approach---but which approach is best? What approaches are truly holistic verse those that are simply marketing schemes?

As a Mom of 3, I know parenting is hard which is exactly why I created the Holistic Baby Guide.  

New mothers don't have time to spend hours researching brands or how to cure their baby's constipation holistically. I have compiled a guid with everything you need to raise your baby holistically.  

In the guide, you will find all the advice I give my own patients from what products to use, to how to manage new mom anxiety, to how to help your baby with reflux without medication and so much more.

As I shifted my practice toward a holistic approach, I found there are many solutions to help babies through sickness that don't require medication. I have implemented these approaches with wonderful results, and have avoided the harm inflicted by many of these so-called "benign" medicines. 

As more and more people asked me how to keep their baby healthy holistically, I decided to compile a holistic guide for parents. Not only have I found success with these approaches in my practice, but I have also been delighted with their effect on my own children.

I want your family to benefit as well. I created this guide as an adjunct to your pediatrician. Whether it be how to introduce foods to your baby, to what type of lotion to put on them, to alternative approaches to ear infections, this guide will empower you to maximize your family's health.

The manual includes hundreds of holistic tips, videos, PDFs, and guides to cover baby ailments from A to Z. New information and tips are regularly added for optimal health.

These are the same tips I have been asked to shared on local and national news. So get your access now.

Dr. Temple Has Been Helping Babies For Over 20 Years

  • Dr. Temple has helped thousands of parents raise healthy babies that become thriving children and adults, crafting her system, combining the best of traditional and holistic medicine

  • Over 100 appearances on local and national news discussing children's health

  • Best Selling Author on children's health

  • Actively treats patients at her private holistic pediatrics office in Charlotte, NC

What You Get

During the first year of your baby's life we've got you covered. We will be there for baby's first giggles to first time sneezes. We'll walk you through nursing all the way to baby food. We will guide you on what products to bathe your baby to the safest household cleaning products.

  • Nutrition advice for You and Baby to Reduce Chronic Disease Risk

  • Holistic Remedies for Common Baby Ailments

  • Product Recommendations That are Safe for Your Baby

  • Content That is Continually Updated With the Latest in Holistic Care

Comprehensive Videos + Guides

Holistic Options for Health with Less Toxins

    1. About the Guide

    2. Baby Guide Disclaimer

    3. Instructions To Join the Facebook Group

    1. Various Guides and Courses

    1. Middle of the night survival kit

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    1. Acne

    1. Pectin to Protect Your Baby's Gut

About this course

  • 106 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • Product Reviews
  • Nutrition Tips

New Content is Added Regularly

As I institute new programs in my office or find great new holistic hacks they will be updated here.

We want your family to get the same benefits of these non-toxic alternatives that my patients get. Let's promote wellness together!


Get 1 year of full access to the guide for a 35% discount or subscribe monthly. The guide is continually updated on the latest holistic treatments and products. If we can save you one trip to the urgent care, the guide has more than paid for itself!

Bundle and Save

Combine the Holistic Baby Guide with our comprehensive Holistic Kid's Guide - for toddlers/older kids and get an extra year of free access to both manuals! (a $228 value)

Stay up to date with the latest holistic approaches to common childhood problems as your baby becomes a toddler. Buy both manuals now and get an added year of free access to both manuals. We are continually updating content with the latest products and recommendations.


Hear how our guide helped moms like you!

Third Time Mom

Tiffany W.

"I love this course and really anything Dr. Temple sets up honestly! My second child has eczema and food allergies and not only has Dr. T helped me tremendously with her through the eczema course, but through the healthy baby course, her and her team have made me feel confident that I'm giving this next baby the best chances at not having those same struggles. The modules are phenomenal and any additional questions I have had along the way have been answered through the FB lives. Another plus for me is since following the nutrition and supplement advice in this course my weight gain has been much healthier this pregnancy! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants more holistic, in-depth support than most OBs are going to be able to give you!"

New Mom

Rachell S.

“Thank you so much for the swift response! I am so appreciative of your work, guidance, and this group. We want to make the best, informed decisions we can for us and baby, but also not live in fear.”

I Stress Less Because of IHC

Kelly R.

"Choosing IHC to care for my daughter is the best decision that I have made. I worry less, knowing that she is receiving care that addresses her overall well-being, that is from a natural approach to medical treatments, to healthy nutritional guidance. I receive such great support even during those parental challenges that make us as parents realize, we don’t always have the answers, and that’s Ok. Knowing that there is care out there like IHC relieves some of that stress. They take the time to listen and welcome your family with open arms, you can’t ask for better healthcare. I appreciate that."

Choosing Holistic Care from the Beginning

Virginia H.

"We chose Integrative Health Carolinas and functional medicine as a holistic approach from the beginning for our daughter, because being able to care for her whole person in an informed, intentional community was really important to us. Our daughter has been able to thrive from an early age because we as new parents had a team close at hand to help us through all the issues or concerns that would come up, and we knew that the care we were being offered was centered around seeking to heal our daughter, not to just push a medicine that isn't what her body needed. We had shifted our whole mindset early on to wanting an alternative to traditional pediatric care, because we'd seen kids who just get and stay sick, and we knew as adults health comes from making smart, intentional choices about how we treat our bodies. We wanted a safe place for our daughter to grow and receive care, which we found with the team at IHC. We're expecting our second daughter almost any day, and are thrilled to be an IHC family through and through, because not only is the mindset better at IHC, but the care we receive is far more in depth and comprehensive than any other pediatrician I've ever experienced. We are so grateful for the women who care for our family at IHC. We love it here, and would highly recommend it for any family, but especially from the very beginning of your baby's life."

Changing to a Holistic Approach for Our Second Child

Kelly M.

"After many learning experiences as a first-time mom to my son, I wanted a different approach for his baby sister on the way. We believe in the importance of setting up their little bodies to take on the world through nutrition, healthy environment and lifestyle choices, and functional medicine. The care we have received at IHC has been better than we hoped for. We have learned so much and appreciate the warmth and knowledge of the entire staff. We are making educated decisions collaboratively with Dr. Temple and her team, which has provided my husband and I with a lot of peace and confidence. Our children are thriving under this type of care and we are so grateful to have found a home here! "