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Are You Looking for More Holistic Approaches to Your Children's Health?

Did You Know Giving Your Child Tylenol Increases Their Risk of Developing Asthma?

Dear Moms and Dads,

I know what it feels like to have a sick child and feel helpless. When kids are coughing and sick in the middle of the night what do we do? Traditionally, we reach for the Tylenol or some other medication. Our medical system has jaded us into thinking all problems are best treated with medicine. But as I found with my own children, there is a better way.

As I shifted my practice toward a holistic approach, I found there are many solutions to help kids through sickness that don't require medication. I have implemented these approaches with wonderful results, and have avoided the harm inflicted by many of these so called "benign" medicines. As more and more people asked me how to keep their children healthy holistically, I decided to compile a holistic guide for parents. Not only have I found success with these approaches in my practice, I have been delighted with their effect on my own children.

I want your family to benefit as well. I created this guide as an adjunct to your pediatrician. So whether it be the magic of duct tape for warts, to managing nighttime fevers, to alternative approaches to ear infections, this guide will empower you to maximize your families health.

The guide includes quick holistic tips, videos, and PDF's to cover childhood ailments from A to Z. Moreover, I vet products weekly and I share my findings here in handy dandy easy to follow lists, so you can spend less time on google and more time with your kids.

New information and tips are regularly added for optimal health. These are the same tips I have been asked to shared on local and national news. So get your access now.

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About this guide

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More Content is Regularly Added

As I institute new programs in my office or find great new holistic hacks they will be updated here. I also review children's products regularly and my favorite items will be posted in this guide. We want your family to get the same benefits of these non-toxic alternatives that my patients get. Let's promote wellness together!


Get 1 year of full access to the manual and save 30% or subscribe monthly. The manual is continually updated on the latest holistic treatments and plans. If we can save you one trip to the urgent care the manual has more than paid for itself!