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Why you need this course!

  • Learn about the root causes of eczema

    By examining the origins of the disease, we can treat the problem, not just the symptoms

  • Avoid harmful medications

    By changing the factors that cause the eczema, you can help your child without steroids and immune altering drugs

  • Improve your child's environment

    A comprehensive plan for dietary changes, supplements, and skin products that promote a healthy child!

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What you get

You will get lifetime access to the entire course including more than 40 videos, slides, dozens of downloadable recipes, food substitutions, topicals guide, and supplement info. Additionally, you will receive:

  • Access to a private Facebook page with fellow parents to share your experiences and progress

  • Weekly health coach sessions to help parents with problem areas and improve your chance of success

  • Weekly Facebook Live session with Dr Temple for questions and tips

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Testimonials From Moms Who Have Tried Our System!

Caring Doctor!

Victoria S.

I highly recommend Dr Temple - she truly cares about children’s health and wellness. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and has a wonderful personality. Dr Temple thoroughly addresses any questions and areas of concerns that I may have regarding my child’s health and development. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Dr Temple and her staff - highly recommend this practice to anyone who has children!

Great Educator!

Laura M.

I feel so lucky to have found IHC and Dr. Temple. She has helped me make smart, healthy decisions for my baby starting at the third trimester of my pregnancy! It's wonderful to have a doctor who is willing to discuss ALL paths to wellness for my baby and continues to provide scientific and research based health information for our little one and our entire family. Not to mention the friendly and clean office environment - everyone that works there is welcoming and helpful!

Medicine a different way

Nicole F.

Dr. Temple has helped my son thrive in the time he has been a patient. In addition to my son, she has helped my whole family implement new strategies of care so we could all become more healthy. Dr. Temple is very thorough in addressing the whole patient and is a wealth of knowledge in all areas of wellness - physical and mental. She’s so down to earth and easy to talk to and very approachable. One can tell she’s very enthusiastic to spread the message of wellness. The office staff is also so very kind and helpful. I am so grateful she has helped our family move in a more positive and healthy direction.

Happy Mom

I'm so incredibly thankful to have found you and appreciate all you are doing for the families around the country who have kids suffering from this and just want to be educated/informed so we can properly help them heal and lead healthy lives.

Money Back Guarantee

We truly want to help transform your child's skin,  so we are offering a full 30 day money back guarantee.  Simply let us know within 30 days of registration and we will fully refund you.  We want this to be a positive experience for you and your family!

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Our Mission

Our mission is simply to improve children's lives. Specifically, Dr Temple's goal is to help 10,000 kids. Yes, this a bold and audacious goal, but we feel courses like this will help us achieve this goal and help your child in the process!

                                          The Temple Family

Course Author

Integrative Physician

Ana-Maria Temple, MD

Dr. Ana-Maria Temple, MD is a board certified pediatrician who has been treating kids for over 17 years. She practiced in a traditional model for 10 years until transitioning to a holistic practice where she can truly change children's lives. She has extensive experience in the treatment of eczema and other childhood autoimmune disease including her own 3 children. She has changed hundreds of children's lives utilizing this model at her practice, Integrative Health Carolinas, in Charlotte, NC.
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Dr. Temple discussing children's health

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Dr. Temple on TV discussing sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start?

    We plan to launch the course within 60 days of the webinar. We hope to use feedback from the webinar to help tailor the course to families' needs. This is why the course is at such a discount through the webinar!

  • When do I get access?

    Once the course is launched you will get access immediately upon signing up. You will also get instant access to the facebook group, FB Live events, and coaching calls

  • What if my child is a picky eater?

    We get asked this question everyday in our office. We first help you to find substitute foods and then gently wean your child from the food causing the inflammatory issue. There are also supplements that can help bridge the gap when foods are being substituted.

  • I have already tried numerous dietary changes and supplements but nothing seems to help. How do I know this course will work?

    We have found that the order and process that is used has a major impact on the success of the plan. Many parents have tried treatments at different time intervals and are inconsistent with their application. We have found you really need to start from square one in the process. Additionally, the use of supplements needs to be systematic to ensure your child's gut has healed.

  • Can't my regular pediatrician give me this plan?

    Unfortunately, nutritional and lifestyle training play a very small role in traditional medical education, with a large focus on prescribing medication. Dr. Temple has spent years educating herself on a better and safer way to treat autoimmune disease. Therefore, its unlikely this is a plan your regular doctor is familiar with

  • How will I have time to complete this, I am already so busy?

    Once you register, you will have complete access to all videos, slides, recipes, and handouts to proceed at the pace that works for you. Remember this is a long term investment into your child's health