You want to shop for eczema-friendly lunch ideas but... you don't know how.

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Do you struggle to find eczema-friendly lunch ideas for your kids?

 When my family changed our diet to accommodate my children’s allergies, I was constantly looking for new recipes. That’s why I am so excited to launch The Holistic Allergy Friendly Lunch Guide in order to make it easier for you to raise a healthy family!

What's included in the Lunch Guide?

  • Recipes and Ingredients from three popular stores

  • 67 pages of visual and written recipes

  • ​Gluten-free and dairy free options

  • Nut and egg Free options

  • + MUCH More!

Lunch Guide Pricing

We cannot wait for you to have this resource for your family!


I want to empower you to raise a healthier family with my allergy-friendly GUIDE BUNDLEFinding allergy-friendly meal ideas can be confusing and exhausting, so I have bundled my breakfast and lunch recipe eBook to make your life a little easier. I was able to heal my children's eczema, asthma, and allergies using the recipes in these books—I want you to benefit too.

What the Mamas are Saying...

My Favorite Resource!


Dr. Ana's lunch ebook is such a life saver for my family! It is so easy to forget about nutrition when you are a busy mom. But, Dr. Ana makes sure we don't have to worry about that!

I could not live without this!


This book (along with her breakfast ebook) was literally a lifesaver! Simple + healthy meals are the best for a busy mom. My family loves every recipe!!